Our Team

Spearheading Champion Concrete Cutting

Todd Maurer, Owner / President

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As the Owner and President of Champion Concrete Cutting (Calgary), Todd sums up the company in one sentence, "We just do what we do, and we do it well." For Todd, Champion Concrete Cutting is about providing service excellence in concrete cutting, while always enhancing the company to best serve its clients.

After starting Champion Concrete in Edmonton in 1990 with a partner, he opened the branch in 1998 (note that the two companies are no longer associated, and are two separate entities). Having grown Champion Concrete for 25 years, Todd has proven time and again his passion for the business in the construction industry, steering the company through all markets, and always keeping the focus on providing quality service to clients, no matter the size, project, or challenge level. In fact, with bettering the service value of Champion Concrete, Todd started the Champion Group of Companies to house complementary service companies, such as, Terra Boyz Contracting, Expert Firestop Solutions and Global Garbage. With these complementary companies, Todd enhances the client experience by increasing service offerings through one phone call, rather than contacting multiple trades companies.

It is this commitment to enhancing the client experience that Todd has inspired throughout his business, creating a united vision focused on service.

Kelly Lutcher, VP Operations

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Working in the concrete cutting industry for over 20 years, Kelly Lutcher provides extensive knowledge and expertise to the team. Some of the major projects Kelly completed include: water treatment plants, oil and gas plants, high rise developments, airport projects, municipal buildings, and financial institutions.

As Champion Concrete's Operations Manager, he is a leader in every sense of the word, providing training, advice, and mentorship to his team by upholding Champion's client service and core values. Kelly confidently provides the correct personnel and equipment to each project to ensure that the client receives the service and quality expected. He makes certain that projects are managed to suit customers timelines and budgets, while maintaining safety and efficiency at all times.

Gord Greschuk, Lead Estimator

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With over 26 years of experience in the concrete cutting industry, Gord Greschuk brings a unique understanding of concrete removal solutions to Champion Concrete's team as the Lead Estimator. Having worked in all positions of the concrete cutting and demolition trade, Gord understands the intricacies of developing an accurate estimate, ensuring the entire scope of a project is included for clients.

Overall, it is his longevity in the concrete cutting industry that ensures clients can trust the estimates Gord provides, whether large and complex or small. Gord has the experience to ensure clients have a comprehensive, clear understanding of all that is required to successfully complete their projects.


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